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New Gym! Valiant MMA and Fitness

August 11th, 2012

Ladies and Gentleman, we here at YoungstownMMA are pleased to feature Valiant MMA and Fitness as our very first GYM write up. Valiant is located at 222 W.Market St in good ol Warren, Ohio. (inside the famed Gordon’s American Martial Arts) Head Instructor/El Capitan Seth Carrino says “It’s a newly created and developing Mixed Martial Arts business”. Valiant is dedicated to is current and future students and members, Carrino sites that it’s quickly growing and the also have picked up a few sponsors along the way! The Brothers Regime (which I can only assume is a biker club) and Clothing magnet in the MMA world, Intimidation Clothing! VMMA teaches all concepts of Mixed martial arts. Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, and last but not least, good ol wrasslin! P.s Seth is also a certified personal trainer, personal training sessions ARE available at VMMA Fitness. Only thing is, it comes on a first come first serve basis! PT times are as follows: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 9am, 10am, 4pm, and 5pm.

Training Schedule is:
Monday: MMA training 11a-12:30p
Kickboxing 6-7pm
MMA training 7-8:30pm

Wednesday: MMA training 11am-12:30pm
Kickboxing 6-7pm
MMA training 7-8:30pm

Friday: MMA Training 11am-12:30pm
Kickboxing 6-7pm
MMA Training 7-8:30pm

Saturday: Kickboxing: 1pm-2pm
MMA Open Mats: 2-4pm

Pricing is:
MMA $50 a month
Kickboxing $30 a month
Both $70 a Month

You Can contact Mr. Carrino at 330-980-2830

Also they have an MMA team, Team Valiant and the compete in mixed martial arts cage fights, Jiu Jitsu tournaments and Boxing Shows.

** Team Valiant MMA member Dan Sutcliff is set for war on August 25th in Cleveland, Ohio**


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  • James Bollinger says on: November 25, 2012 at 3:24 am


    I live in east Palestine Ohio all my life my best friend Taylor Bilbo who was like my brother died in a car crash November 18 this year I would like to enter an Emma tournament I have a lot of anger build up and I love to fight if you could find me something it would be greatly appreciated and plus I can fight with out getting in trouble lol…..

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