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Aisha is expected to make a full recovery.

July 13th, 2012

Hey fighters, fans and supporters. This is from Dennis` Facebook Page-

Just so people have a better understanding of what happened with Aisha’s surgery yesterday I will explain it. The machine she has been hooked up to for 2 weeks that was keeping her alive was only a temporary measure and it left her immobile and in a lot of pain. They used this machine to save her life initially when she went into cardiac arrest and had to leave her on it to buy time for a plan. Her best option would have been to get a heart, but since a heart didn’t come in time and the fact that she may have to wait months and months, maybe even years for a heart the doctors had to do something. All of the normal measures they would take in this situation had to be thrown out because of her unique situation. Aisha already has a 10 year old transplanted heart and uniquely small chest cavity which eliminated her as a candidate for any artificial hearts. Dr. Massey and his team here at Rochester had to come up with an unconventional plan and hope they could find a way to bridge her over until she could receive a heart transplant. So, they came up with an idea to use Jarvik 2000 pumps in a way they have never been used before. The Jarvik pump is normally used and was developed for use on patients with heart failure for the left side of the heart. Until yesterday never have they used 2 pumps on one heart, let alone an already transplanted heart. Dr. Massey had to get special permission from Dr. Jarvik, the inventor, and have it approved by the FDA in order to do this first ever surgical procedure in the United States. Because this was the only way they could save Aisha’s life it was approved and Dr. Jarvik himself came to Rochester to assist in the surgery. The surgery took close to 10 hours and was a success. Her life will be a little different now. She has wires that come out of her side that attach to a battery pack that powers the pumps. She will no longer have a pulse as her heart doesn’t pump anymore and her blood pressure is measured by one number unlike normal people who have a top and bottom number. Things like showering and simple activities will be different for her but she is alive and expected to make a full recovery.

Dennis Brown, recently fought at the Big Bully Sports Nutrition “Get In The Cage!” event in Niles.

“Aisha is currently sedated until they have a heart and or a plan of action for her. I am asking that everyone can contribute to raising money to help pay for these outrageous medical bills so she can receive the care she needs to survive. Nobody should be worrying about if they will live to see their next day at 20 years old. ”

She just went through her surgery and we’d like to support our fight community and support Dennis and Aisha. Any amount will be of great help! This community is great, and we’re all part of the MMA family sharing a passion, drive, trials and experiences no one else does. Let’s pull together and help one of our family!

Yankee Lake Brawlroom 34

June 20th, 2012

This past Saturday, Mr Chuck Haskell held his 34th event in the hallowed grounds that is Yankee Lake, but this time we were outside! With a few no shows, and a bogus excuse, the card ended up having just 7 fights. But as always, the small fight card was explosive! With 4 of the 7 ending in the 1st round, needless to say it was quick, but fun! Also aside from being in the building (figuratively speaking), there was a variable whos who of Ammy and Pro MMA Fighters in attendance. Mark Cherico, Khama Worthy, Adam Milstead, Mike Wilkins, and Jimmy Cerra just to name a few. Also Mr TAT himself Jeremiah Bozich with a full display of Thick as Thieves clothing, accompanied by Rick “I punch Faces off” Borowski.

In the Main event, Mr. John “Hairs o Plenty” Antanitis (who also serves as the NAAFS #1 Ammy middleweight) put his 185lb strap on the line against an up and coming Jordan Batt, Talking to a few of the spectators, the all had the same prediction, Antanitis by mauling….. Well they were correct, Antanitis picked up the W by Ref Stoppage in the 1st Round!

In the Co-Main Event, Mr. Jared Zarlingo attempted to defend for a 4th time his 170lb title against a very game Donnie Cameron. The 1st round was a lil lopsided as it seemed to me that Zarlingo was off. That led to Cameron controlling the 1st round with relative ease (minus the 2 take-downs from Zarlingo). They broke for round 2, pawing jabs at each other and a shot by Zarlingo landed him in a bad position, Cameron capitalized and picked up the win by Guillotine Choke. Your winner and NEW Welterweight title holder… Mr. Donnie Cameron.

*Now to the 5 “under-card” fights*

Ralph Graham (0-1) vs John Ingram (0-0)
Graham moves to 1-1 with his TKO win coming in the second round.

Yvegen Slipko (0-0) vs Joel Stockavas (0-1)
Slipko (who im calling the Russian Juggernaut) picks up his first win by TKO over Stockavas in the first round!

Travis List (1-0) vs Seth Carrino (1-0)
List moves to 2-0 with his 1st round Triangle submission win over Carrino

Dino Juklo (0-0) vs Marcus Rose (0-0)
Juklo picks up his first win in-between the fences with a 1st round Guillotine submission over Rose.

Bob Bianchini (2-2) vs Ben Mellring (3-3)
Bianchini moved to 3-2 with a HARD 3rd round decision win over Mellring.

Pittsburgh area fighters went 5-0. They came out of Pittsburgh Fight Club, Roppo`s World Class MMA, Renzo Gracie Pittsburgh and PTT

**Also photos courtesy of C.Henrie Photography and Video courtesy of Mr. Maximus McCullough will be available for purchase soon**

Cheney`s Words of Wisdom

June 8th, 2012

“Fighting isn’t always about winning or loosing, its about how courage you have and how much your willing to take and put on the line. Sometimes the man who looses is gains victory within themselves to fight for more than just glory. Too many people i know have the wrong idea about what being in the cage, or the boxing ring or the wrestling mat is really about. A mans loss is also his gain and having pure heart and faith in something greater than yourself is what its all about. The man who steps ups and shows what kind of man he is on the mat or in the ring or in the cage is stronger than the man who was too scared too. fighting is not about winning or loosing its about how much heart, how much faith and how much courage you have win or loose you always have the title and it imprinted in your heart of being a fighter in one way or another.”

-Cheney Matarrese, CMA
Fighting July 28th, St. Lucy’s, Campbell, Ohio

Brawlroom 33 results

May 4th, 2012

Going into Saturday there was a lot of buzz in the air about this fight card! arrived to see that all 10 fights on the card were accounted for, and the night was ready to be kicked off! With the new SUPER banner in tow, compliments of NEAS Graphx. We will go over the card now, and what a hell of a card it was, with 6 fights ending in the 1st round, it was safe to say it was an early night!

Bout 1 pitted an 0-2 Jamie Fleck vs. A new fresh fighter, an 0-0 guy John Rearick.
-Jamie Fleck picks up his first win, moving him to a 1-2 record between the fences.

Bout 2 featured an 0-4 William Watson vs. Another 0-0 guy in Sam Barton
-Watson moved to 1-4 with a RNC in the second over Barton.

Bout 3 had two fresh guys in 0-0 Seth Carrino vs 0-0 Joel Stockavas.
– Carrino moved to 1-0 with an impressive ref stoppage due to strikes @1:56 in the first round!

Bout 4 pitts 0-1 Chaz Kocher vs 0-0 Brad Smith (not the football player)
-Kocher moved to 1-1 following his 2nd rd stoppage to strikes over Smith.

Bout 5 was a quickie 0-2 Robert Conklin vs 0-1 Chris Irwin
-Irwin moved to 1-1 with a super quick guillotine submission victory.

Bout 6 Had 0-1 Saeed Gardner vs 0-0 Adam Degroff
-Gardner moved to 1-1 with a moderately impressive KO at 1:01 in the 1st over Degroff.

Bout 7 The big boys came to play on this one, 0-0 Mike “Mad Cow” Sekol vs 1-1 Eddy Faison
-Sekol moved to 1-0 by way of ref stoppage due to strikes @1:57 in the 1st

Bout 8 featured the 2-3 Rick Borowski vs a 3-5 Jason Smith
-If you blinked you missed it! Borowski with a HUGE KO victory coming just 10 seconds inside the first, moving him to .500 at 3-3

Bout 9 pitted 2-1 Jordan Batt vs a 3-5 Sean Hartle
-Batt moved to 3-1 with his Arm Triangle submission over Hartle, also earning him a shot at the 185lb strap

DING DING DING and now for your Main Event.
-8-5 Rich Cantolina vs Current Champ 4-1 CHEYNE Jenkins. It was a 3 round war, with Jenkins moving to 5-1 with a Unanimous Decision win over Cantolina

-Till next time kids! Remember to spay or neuter your animals, help control the pet population!

Final week of the KO!

May 3rd, 2012

Well week 4 came and went, 30 title belts handed out to the victors! From week one till now, my perspective of the KO has changed! Such heart and tenacity of these kids! I wish I could bottle it and sell it to some “cage fighters”…. We all know you cant teach heart, and I`ll be dammed if there was a lack of it Monday! I’m already anticipating next year! To every parent or kid that comes across this post, Thank you! I would and will sit thru 4 more weeks of it time and time over! Over 100 fighters total! it was an absolute insane experience! Hail to the Victors. Props to the runner-ups. See Y`all next year!

Yankee Lake Brawlroom 33 – Youngstown MMA

April 27th, 2012

Saturday, Saturday, Saturday….ehh doesn’t sound as clever! But The crew will be back in action this Saturday at the Yankee Lake Ballroom Brawlroom. Doors open at 6pm, come on out tix are only 25 at the door! Come visit our booth, buy a dvd from previous fights or pre-order one from that night! We`ll also have available, the Official car stickers for and our sister (kinda) site, Always a fun time when there is people punching each other for fun!! I may even flirt with live updates for people who cant make it! See Ya`ll there!


….Its the, eye of the tiger, its the thrill of the fight. Rising up to the challenge of our rivals….. YOU`RE WELCOME!!

K.O Tournament Pt. 3

April 25th, 2012

Welcome back friends for another post on the KO Drugs tournament. Week 3 featured 2, yes count em TWO, knockouts! It really didn’t surprise me all that much, it seems every week, these kids get more hungry! Above all, there is TREMENDOUS amounts of heart and guile floating around The Palermo Center every Monday that has passed in this month! Aside from the poor sportsmanship of one fighter out of the Red corner, this week has been the best, as in the qualifying for the championship rounds took place! Head on over to WWW.YOUNGSTOWNBOXING.COM for videos, pics and other exciting stuff! This Monday will be the last day for the tourney till next year! so make your way out to the Palermo Center and catch the action! 397 Tenney Ave, Campbell Ohio!

KO Drugs Tourney Pt. 2

April 18th, 2012

And were back with the 2nd Edition of boxing here on! These kids still find a way to surprise me every week. This week was comprised of a Lil more skill, a lot more heart, and a metric butt ton of energy! There was even a legit knockdown via stupid crazy right hand! Next week is the semi finals and the debut of the female division, I can only imagine how nuts next week is gonna be!

*This Post brought to you by the letter P*

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