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2013 is upon us!

January 4th, 2013

As we begin the new year, we look ahead to a new year of the sport we love. Questions will arrise, assumptions will be made, champions will be crowned, and “the 0’s will go.” I will make a guarentee that YoungstownMMA will be on the forefront of many events, promotions, and anything Mixed Martial Arts related. So heres to the new year, heres to the battles, and heres to the adversity we’ll face!

Help Save Aisha!

August 12th, 2012

Hello MMA Fans,

I recently reached out to a fellow brother in the fight world, Mr. Dennis Brown who recently fought at a local event put on by Big Bully Sports Nutrition titled Get in the Cage. See the problem is, his fiance Aisha underwent her first heart transplant surgery, at the young age of 10! Fast forward to now, 10 years later Aisha started to experience fatigue and shortness of breath. She is now in need of a SECOND heart transplant. In June Aisha was transported by Mercy Flight to Buffalo General Hospital then to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York. Upon arrival at Strong Aisha entered Cardiac Arrest for three minutes before the Docs were able to stabilize her! She later underwent a ground breaking procedure to sustain her while she was waiting for an available heart. What the doctors did was implant two (2) Jarvik 2000 artificial heart pumps to help her failing heart! No doctor has ever done this previous to Aisha!!! And that’s where we are at now, anything helps… lets ban together and help Aisha become part of the 3% to ever receive a second heart transplant!

Now I cant say that Dennis and I are friends, but we both share in a common interest. He needs us, Aisha needs us! So this is my plea to YOU, please donate something, a dollar, 5 dollars, 100 dollars….it all will help! No family should ever have to endure times like these. Please consider that no matter how bad you think you have it, things could always be worse! Any amount will be of great help! This community is great, and we’re all part of the MMA family sharing a passion, drive, trials and experiences no one else does. Let’s pull together and help one of our family!

Below i will post links to Dennis` Facebook, the donation website and Info on a fundraiser they are throwing for Aisha.

Dennis` Facebook: (please only send thoughts and prayers)

Donation Page:

Fundraiser is September 1st, 2012 at 6pm, it will be held at Eden 39er`s Social Club. The Address is 1915 Sturgeon Rd. Derby, New York 147047
Music Will Be provided by Dj Falco
Free Pizza and Wings, Chinese Auction, 50/50, there will also be a Beer Pong Tourney with a $20 per team entry fee, Prizes are TBA

To Help out, Sponsor, or donate contact the following:
Dennis Brown:(716)507-2402
Lori Brown: (716)949-1446
Joe Mogavero:(716)430-8130

CATTREZ Enterprises will be sponsoring the event.

July 28th Update From Team C.M.A

July 13th, 2012

Hey Family, just recieved this email from Team C.M.A head honcho, Andy Boehlke.

July 28th 2012 the Pain Train makes a stop in our backyard. 397 Tenney Ave, doors at 6pm. In between the fences we will have our brothers, Ray “Bringin Da” Payne, “Relentless” Corey Breckner, Cheney “Mad Dog” Mattarrese, Mike “The Freak” Marshall, John “Fine Wine” Whitten, “Smokin” Joe Bannon, Davis “The Pitbull” Oracio, Matt “The Tower” Pisa, and last but not least fighting for the 205 lb title Anthony “The Punisher” Policastro. Gonna be a huge night for TEAM C.M.A. make sure your wear the black and red, if you don’t have proper swag you can purchase from any team member or the day of the fights at our vendor table! Shirts $20, Stickers $5, Towels $7, Livestrong bands $3, Boxing Glove Keychains $5…Your on the Train, or your on the Tracks! WAR C.M.A….

**Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum**

Yankee Lake June 16th 2012

June 16th, 2012

Yankee Lake June 16th 2012

I have a feeling we are going to see some good action tomorrow Night at Yankee Lake. It looks like it will be an outdoor show with plenty of action. Remember to bring your sunblock and remember to drink lots of beer! This is going to be a blast that you do not want to miss. YoungstownMMA ROCKS!

Brawlroom 33 results

May 4th, 2012

Going into Saturday there was a lot of buzz in the air about this fight card! arrived to see that all 10 fights on the card were accounted for, and the night was ready to be kicked off! With the new SUPER banner in tow, compliments of NEAS Graphx. We will go over the card now, and what a hell of a card it was, with 6 fights ending in the 1st round, it was safe to say it was an early night!

Bout 1 pitted an 0-2 Jamie Fleck vs. A new fresh fighter, an 0-0 guy John Rearick.
-Jamie Fleck picks up his first win, moving him to a 1-2 record between the fences.

Bout 2 featured an 0-4 William Watson vs. Another 0-0 guy in Sam Barton
-Watson moved to 1-4 with a RNC in the second over Barton.

Bout 3 had two fresh guys in 0-0 Seth Carrino vs 0-0 Joel Stockavas.
– Carrino moved to 1-0 with an impressive ref stoppage due to strikes @1:56 in the first round!

Bout 4 pitts 0-1 Chaz Kocher vs 0-0 Brad Smith (not the football player)
-Kocher moved to 1-1 following his 2nd rd stoppage to strikes over Smith.

Bout 5 was a quickie 0-2 Robert Conklin vs 0-1 Chris Irwin
-Irwin moved to 1-1 with a super quick guillotine submission victory.

Bout 6 Had 0-1 Saeed Gardner vs 0-0 Adam Degroff
-Gardner moved to 1-1 with a moderately impressive KO at 1:01 in the 1st over Degroff.

Bout 7 The big boys came to play on this one, 0-0 Mike “Mad Cow” Sekol vs 1-1 Eddy Faison
-Sekol moved to 1-0 by way of ref stoppage due to strikes @1:57 in the 1st

Bout 8 featured the 2-3 Rick Borowski vs a 3-5 Jason Smith
-If you blinked you missed it! Borowski with a HUGE KO victory coming just 10 seconds inside the first, moving him to .500 at 3-3

Bout 9 pitted 2-1 Jordan Batt vs a 3-5 Sean Hartle
-Batt moved to 3-1 with his Arm Triangle submission over Hartle, also earning him a shot at the 185lb strap

DING DING DING and now for your Main Event.
-8-5 Rich Cantolina vs Current Champ 4-1 CHEYNE Jenkins. It was a 3 round war, with Jenkins moving to 5-1 with a Unanimous Decision win over Cantolina

-Till next time kids! Remember to spay or neuter your animals, help control the pet population!

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Toughest Fighters Period!