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Were Baaaack!!!

October 27th, 2013

After a lil vacation…well more like a hiatus, the collective brain here at, have decided to take another stab at making this one of the premier websites to follow and check for your hopefully daily MMA news, products, clothing, equip….well you get the picture! We are in the process of lining up some interviews, gyms, and just all around bad asses to talk to, and catch on video. Yes we are, but don’t let that fool ya! We’ll be going to Pittsburgh, Cleveland, obviously Youngstown and everywhere we feel is somewhere we need to be! Hell we might even dabble into a podcast! I know, I know, this is one gigantic run-on sentence, but this is a site for fighters, developed by a boxer, and narrated by a guy who deals with fighters! All bets are off, no holds are barred, you want real, you got it!

If you have an opinion about a fighter, we want to hear it.

If you have an opinion about a gym, we want to voice to for you.

If you know a poser, and feel he needs outed, lets get it done!

If your looking for a gym, and you’re a “free agent” or an “independent fighter, we’ll help you find a home.

Stay tuned, bookmark this bad boy. We’re coming!

KO Drugs Tournament thru Jasons eyes!

April 11th, 2012

Yes were talking boxing here, Last night I called my first boxing show! All I can say is WOW! Its was crazy to say the least, Tons of heart, absolutely no skill, but what do you expect with high school kids? Somethings I took away from it were,
1. above all, the kids take a vow to abstain from drugs and other harmful substances

2. It was the 25th consecutive year that Chuck Nelson and his son Pat have put the tournament on.

3. Aside from the lack of skill involved, it is a very great thing to do! Anytime you can get the youth to stay away from the negatives they may encounter, and have them focus on the positive is always great! I know of a few boxers that have came up thru the KO Tourney and have went on to a stellar amateur and pro career! Hats off to these fine young men AND women for having the courage to step between the ropes and throw-down!

The Future is here! Time to Embrace it!


Youngstown MMA

Toughest Fighters Period!