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New Gym! Valiant MMA and Fitness

August 11th, 2012

Ladies and Gentleman, we here at YoungstownMMA are pleased to feature Valiant MMA and Fitness as our very first GYM write up. Valiant is located at 222 W.Market St in good ol Warren, Ohio. (inside the famed Gordon’s American Martial Arts) Head Instructor/El Capitan Seth Carrino says “It’s a newly created and developing Mixed Martial Arts business”. Valiant is dedicated to is current and future students and members, Carrino sites that it’s quickly growing and the also have picked up a few sponsors along the way! The Brothers Regime (which I can only assume is a biker club) and Clothing magnet in the MMA world, Intimidation Clothing! VMMA teaches all concepts of Mixed martial arts. Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Jeet Kune Do, and last but not least, good ol wrasslin! P.s Seth is also a certified personal trainer, personal training sessions ARE available at VMMA Fitness. Only thing is, it comes on a first come first serve basis! PT times are as follows: Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 9am, 10am, 4pm, and 5pm.

Training Schedule is:
Monday: MMA training 11a-12:30p
Kickboxing 6-7pm
MMA training 7-8:30pm

Wednesday: MMA training 11am-12:30pm
Kickboxing 6-7pm
MMA training 7-8:30pm

Friday: MMA Training 11am-12:30pm
Kickboxing 6-7pm
MMA Training 7-8:30pm

Saturday: Kickboxing: 1pm-2pm
MMA Open Mats: 2-4pm

Pricing is:
MMA $50 a month
Kickboxing $30 a month
Both $70 a Month

You Can contact Mr. Carrino at 330-980-2830

Also they have an MMA team, Team Valiant and the compete in mixed martial arts cage fights, Jiu Jitsu tournaments and Boxing Shows.

** Team Valiant MMA member Dan Sutcliff is set for war on August 25th in Cleveland, Ohio**

Guest Posts and Such

August 5th, 2012

We here at YoungstownMMA feel that a way to further our relationship with fighters, gym owners, promoters, and coaches is to let you write and submit to us. So this is my call to you, if you have anything to share i.e. Your personal journey, why you fight, why you coach or anything that you would deem appropriate, please write it out, and send it to us via the Facebook page: or to [email protected] Even if you have suggestions on how to improve what we`re doing! Aside from providing more content, it will let others know whats on your mind about the sport we love! AS always you will receive 100% credit and recognition.

Thanks For the Loyalty,

St. Lucy`s Summer Brawl 1

August 2nd, 2012

This past saturday, Chuck Haskell held his second event ever in the confines of the Palermo Centre at St. Lucys Church in Campbell, Ohio. With major help from Campbell Martial Arts head honcho, Andy Boehlke providing 7 fighters, The card was slated to have 14 fights, but due to various reasons only 11 went off. None the less, they were 12 crazy action packed fights, with 7 ending in the FIRST round! Card results are listed below:

1st Fight: Ray Payne vs Kahle McCauley- Ray Payne gets the W with a 17 second tko in the 1st Round

2nd Fight: Corey Breckner vs Jamie Fleck: Corey Breckner picks up the W with a Ref stoppage at 2:12 in the 2nd Round

3rd Fight: Colin McClafferty vs Nate Johnson: Went to the cards, and Colin gets the Unanimous Decision

4th Fight: Nicholas Branko Busick vs Jon Stafford: Busick picks up the win by TKO, 12 seconds into the 1st Round

5th Fight: Robert Conklin vs Cheney Matarrese: Conklin gets the win at 51 seconds in the first round via Armbar

6th Fight: Kenney Rossey vs Yvegen “Geno” Slipko: Slipko gets the W via Unanimous Decision

7th Fight: Frank Sackela vs Jake Schilling: Schilling wins via Trangle Choke in the 1st Round

8th Fight: Matt Pesa vs Desmond Carroll: Carroll wins via TKO at 45 seconds in the 1st round

9th Fight: Matt Hester vs Mike Marshall: Hester picks up the W with a Split Decision win

10th Fight: Jimmy Cerra vs Charlie Gathers: Gathers wins 19 seconds in the first round via KO

Interium Title Fight: Anthony Policastro vs Mark Wiant: Wiant gets the W by Ref Stoppage in the 1st Round

**Pictures of the fights can be found here:** Also if your interested in purchasing prints message Chelsea on facebook here:

Shout Out to- Mark Cherico, Adam Milstead, Brendan Lee Hinkle, Mike “Golden Greek” Mihas, Matt Presnar, Devin Williams

Women and Fitness Youngstown Boardman Ohio Amber Landsman

July 19th, 2012

Women and Fitness Youngstown Boardman Ohio Amber Landsman

Hey guys, we all know that MMA is a male dominated sport as far as the contestants go. I have seen many several female MMA fighters though and wondered what kind of training that they go through. At the gym I go to on my lunch hour I have made several friends and I get to see how people in the outside world work out that do not belong to some kind of fight club. I have to say that one person that impresses me the most is Amber Landsman who works at Creekside Fitness in Boardman as a speed and agility trainer. In the past several months that I have been attending there I have seen her transform peoples whole appearance and attitude towards physical fitness. I have never been a member of a co-ed gym, my former trainers we navy seals and ex-cons, lol. So “hard core” was an understatement and girls, cell phones, and talking was never permitted in the gym, lol. Anyway I can see that Amber has that type of dedication without all the hard core BS that my trainers put me through, lol. Ok well if you are a female or even male Amber can help you improve yourself and maybe give you a different and better way to look at things in your physical fitness world. Here is her business card.

Amber Landsman

Amber Landsman

PS. I am not going to make it to the show this weekend. If there is someone out there that can help with some camera work I would appreciate it.


July 28th Update From Team C.M.A

July 13th, 2012

Hey Family, just recieved this email from Team C.M.A head honcho, Andy Boehlke.

July 28th 2012 the Pain Train makes a stop in our backyard. 397 Tenney Ave, doors at 6pm. In between the fences we will have our brothers, Ray “Bringin Da” Payne, “Relentless” Corey Breckner, Cheney “Mad Dog” Mattarrese, Mike “The Freak” Marshall, John “Fine Wine” Whitten, “Smokin” Joe Bannon, Davis “The Pitbull” Oracio, Matt “The Tower” Pisa, and last but not least fighting for the 205 lb title Anthony “The Punisher” Policastro. Gonna be a huge night for TEAM C.M.A. make sure your wear the black and red, if you don’t have proper swag you can purchase from any team member or the day of the fights at our vendor table! Shirts $20, Stickers $5, Towels $7, Livestrong bands $3, Boxing Glove Keychains $5…Your on the Train, or your on the Tracks! WAR C.M.A….

**Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum**

Aisha is expected to make a full recovery.

July 13th, 2012

Hey fighters, fans and supporters. This is from Dennis` Facebook Page-

Just so people have a better understanding of what happened with Aisha’s surgery yesterday I will explain it. The machine she has been hooked up to for 2 weeks that was keeping her alive was only a temporary measure and it left her immobile and in a lot of pain. They used this machine to save her life initially when she went into cardiac arrest and had to leave her on it to buy time for a plan. Her best option would have been to get a heart, but since a heart didn’t come in time and the fact that she may have to wait months and months, maybe even years for a heart the doctors had to do something. All of the normal measures they would take in this situation had to be thrown out because of her unique situation. Aisha already has a 10 year old transplanted heart and uniquely small chest cavity which eliminated her as a candidate for any artificial hearts. Dr. Massey and his team here at Rochester had to come up with an unconventional plan and hope they could find a way to bridge her over until she could receive a heart transplant. So, they came up with an idea to use Jarvik 2000 pumps in a way they have never been used before. The Jarvik pump is normally used and was developed for use on patients with heart failure for the left side of the heart. Until yesterday never have they used 2 pumps on one heart, let alone an already transplanted heart. Dr. Massey had to get special permission from Dr. Jarvik, the inventor, and have it approved by the FDA in order to do this first ever surgical procedure in the United States. Because this was the only way they could save Aisha’s life it was approved and Dr. Jarvik himself came to Rochester to assist in the surgery. The surgery took close to 10 hours and was a success. Her life will be a little different now. She has wires that come out of her side that attach to a battery pack that powers the pumps. She will no longer have a pulse as her heart doesn’t pump anymore and her blood pressure is measured by one number unlike normal people who have a top and bottom number. Things like showering and simple activities will be different for her but she is alive and expected to make a full recovery.

Dennis Brown, recently fought at the Big Bully Sports Nutrition “Get In The Cage!” event in Niles.

“Aisha is currently sedated until they have a heart and or a plan of action for her. I am asking that everyone can contribute to raising money to help pay for these outrageous medical bills so she can receive the care she needs to survive. Nobody should be worrying about if they will live to see their next day at 20 years old. ”

She just went through her surgery and we’d like to support our fight community and support Dennis and Aisha. Any amount will be of great help! This community is great, and we’re all part of the MMA family sharing a passion, drive, trials and experiences no one else does. Let’s pull together and help one of our family!

Legal Steroids Stacks

July 7th, 2012

Legal Steroids Stacks

There is a lot a talk about legal steroids and its dangers. I was just talking to a buddy of mine who is an expert in legal steroids and he confirmed that you must know what you are doing if you choose to use legal steroids. Some of them are just barely on the market today and it is questionable on how long they will be available. I have used Legal Steroids and have been very successful but I am also choosy as to where I buy them. I like to get them from companies who have been in the game a while and will not sell me some cheap rip off product just to make a buck. This is why I choose they are knowledgeable and very very fast at shipping my order. They have a great selection of stacks. So I am going to post a banner here that is one of the magazines that they advertise in.

Legal Steroids Stacks

Legal Steroids Stacks

Legal steroids the pros and the cons

July 3rd, 2012

Legal  steroids are becoming more and more poplar these days and many athletes are confused about what to use and what not to use. The term ” Legal  steroids ” was coined in opposition to the illegal unhealthy steroids that get sold on the black market and have many complications for the users. If you are an athlete and are looking for positive gains we recommend the site Order Legal  steroids .com. They have a wide variety of Legal  steroids that will help the sincere athlete reach their goals. Many serious athletes have had positive experiences with their products. If you are looking for more edgy products we also recommend Dianabol also known as d-bol Many have also been using anadroll or a-drol  and have been experiencing massive gains. We can not leave out Decca also known as deccatest and dekka for those athletes that can handle potent proprietary blends. Those looking for that shredded look will be interested in a clenbuteral like product called clenodren. We hope this article will help those serious athletes make good healthy choices in their supplement regimen

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