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Yankee Lake Brawlroom 33 Line-up and thoughts.

April 16th, 2012

Hello Ladies, Gents, and Children of all ages, Jason here, Im gonna take the liberty and List the tentative fight card and give a very brief thought about each fight. The fights take place April 28th 2012 at the Good ol Yankee Lake Brawlroom. Fights as always are in no particular order! the 17 tentative fights are listed below:

TITLE FIGHT – Rich “the Raging Bull” Cantolina vs Cheyene Jenkins
Rich is coming off a DEC win over Matt Campbell, And Jenkins was the last to beat Cantolina. No doubt this will be a war, if Cantolina sticks to his game plan and stands and bangs, it will be an exciting fight! i think it will be a close one, but im gonna take The Bull in 3.

1. Will “the Thrill” Logsden 6-6 140lbs vs Victor Guarriello 3-4 135lbs
-Seen Will fight, very entertaining. Haven’t seen Victor….Id say Logsden via experience

2. William Watson 0-4 155lbs vs Sam Barton 0-0 145lbs
– Watson has been on a bad beat, Barton hasn’t fought yet…..Hunger triumphs in this one…

3. Jamie “the Mongoose” Fleck 0-2 135lbs vs Vincent Williams 0-0 135lbs
– Fleck coming off 2 losses will have corrected errors in camp, Williams is fresh….Gonna go Fleck here.

4. Jordan Batt 2-1 185lbs vs Sean ‘the Wolverine” Hartle 3-5 170lbs
-Haven’t seen Batt in action, Hartle has had some weight issues in the past but seems to be taking it serious now…Hartle via dec.

5. Eric Wiley 1-0 170lbs vs Brandon Pfhaler 2-1 155lbs
-Wiley is 1 and Ohhh due to a Dq, and Ive never seen Pfhaler, my sources say hes a beast…Wiley gets tested…Pfhaler wins

6. Seth Carrino 0-0 155lbs vs Jason Royler 0-0 155lbs
-I’m completely in the air here…going with Jason, cuz thats a cool name!

7. Matt Zimmerman 0-0 225lbs vs John Stafford 0-0 235lbs
– see #6….. going with Zimmerman (I know someone with that last name)

8. Rick Borowski 2-3 170lbs vs Jason Smith 3-5 170lbs
– im mixed here…Borowski hits like a mule, Smith is a tough kid… vegas would say…its off for me!

9. Robert Neumann 0-3 205lbs vs Chaz Kocher 0-1 205lbs
– Mr. Neumann is oh-fer, and Chaz is coming off a 1st rd TKO, unless Neumann is hitting the gym and training hard, I see Kocher with the W

10. Joe Harvey 0-1 185lbs vs Ahkuma L`Bert 0-0 185lbs
– Harveys first time back in the cage since last august, and I have nothing on L`Bert… Harvey goes to .500…i think

11. Anthony Policastro 3-1 205lbs vs O.J “Juice” Vickers 5-12 205lbs
– Policastro coming off a huge 1st TKO win, and Vickers is hungry to get a W….both big guys…im Vegas again!

12. James Reddick 3-1 185lbs vs TBD
– don’t know much about either, so im gonna go with Reddick….

13. Saeed Garner 0-1 155lbs vs Adam “the Adrenaline” DeGroff 0-0 155lbs
– Garner coming off a loss, and Degroff now on his 3rd fight, 1st actual… im going DeGroff in the second…

14. Eddy Faison 1-1 350lbs vs Mike “the Mad Cow” Sekol 0-0 325lbs
– Faison coming off a DEC loss to Saling (not Brandon), and Sekol enters the cage for the 1st time, Sekol will have size and reach,Sekol 2nd rd

15. Mike Bothwell 2-2 170lbs vs Michael Hluhan 0-1 170lbs
– Bothwell with the experience, Hluhan still looking for the W….Hluhan via awesome last name I cant say!

16. Tony Bugno 2-9 170lbs vs TBD
– Tony Bugno… Gamer, whoever takes the fight will have a long night…especially if Bugno has developed some cardio!

Records and weights courtesy of MMA.TV
And special thanks to Adam DeGroff for supplying the bout sheet to

B.A. Knockout Video!

April 15th, 2012

So as im burning the clock away, I decided to jump on the interwebs and see what cool videos I could find. I stumbled upon this legit compilation of MMA knockouts. I challenge anyone to find a boxing vid like this! (yes Wyant thats was for you) lol! As always, if you have questions, comments, and/or concerns DO NOT hesitate to voice them! After all this site is geared for fighters!


Business is pickin Up!

April 8th, 2012

When the wolf-pack meets, cool stuff happens! Stickers, Shout outs, merchandise….We continue to grow bigger everyday thanks to all of you! We at are pleased to announce the additions of 2 very strong cogs to the machine, Ms. Kelly Benchwick and Mrs. Chelsea Henrie! All of us are constantly thinking of ways to improve the brand, while always keeping you in mind!

REO Speedwagon Radio on Pandora…..DO IT!


Yankee Lake Brawlroom 32

March 30th, 2012

This saturday out at the good ol YLB (yankee lake brawlroom) Chuck Haskell will be putting on his 32nd show! Insiders tell me theres gonna be some bangers!! Complete fight card is as follows in no particular order…..

Glenn Conner vs Mark Wiant
Jeff Miller vs Rob Shay
Michael Flinn vs Ben Mellring
Alvin Worells vs Jared Zarlingo
Jason Willett vs Mike Wiseman
Kalid Qureshi vs Nate Johnson
Ahkuma L`Bert vs Chris Hogue
Anthony Policastro vs Charles Kocher
Jason Bevly vs Adam Degroff
Eddy Faison vs Gerald Saling
Jason Smith vs John Whitten

Lets make some sense outta Chaos, Jared Zarlingo and Mike Wiseman are title holders, so they will be the last 2 fights of the night. If Smith and Whitten go, it will probably be 3rd to last…..veteran status! and the rest of the card is, well not in order. Any who, tix are 20 presale and 25 at the door, come on out and support your local cage-fighters! AND come say hi to the crew!! Doors open at 6, Fights start at 730, address is, 1814 State Route 7 , Brookfield, Ohio 44403.

Peace and Hair grease,

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